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Chow (chou)

• food

(in-ven-shuh n)

• the process of inventing


Chowventions Inc is owned and crafted by a female wounded warrior. This small batch ‘food invention’ company creates Wisconsin-infused artisan products that are unique, flavorful, locally produced, and suitable for a variety of dietary needs.

Our first food invention


Food & Beverage Flavoring

This 18th century culinary re-invention awaits the perfect complement to its sweet, sour, and spicy flavor profile. The flavors of ginger and cider vinegar are bright and refreshing, but we’ve also added a touch of Midwest Maple & Wisconsin Craft Beer. This product is great in anything from Culinary – Cocktail.

  • Cocktail Mixer
  • Water/Tea/Sparkling Soda Flavoring
  • Sweet & Savory Glaze
  • Fat Free Vinaigrette
  • Dipping Sauce
  • Dessert Topping
  • Mocktail Mixer
  • Spiced-up Cider

…The possibilities are endless.

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