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Hooah, Oorah, Hooyah!

Chowventions Inc is owned and crafted by a female wounded warrior. This is a small batch food ‘re-invention’ company that creates Wisconsin-infused artisan products that are unique, flavorful, locally produced, and suitable for a variety of dietary needs.


Creative culinary ideas become a reality. These ‘re-inventions’ are one of a kind. We are on a mission to create a little something for everyone.


Supplies & Ingredients are procured using 3 methods; Wisconsin, Midwest, and/or American-made which enables our United States economy to thrive as much as possible (especially small businesses).


Giving back is a big deal for us. Through corporate philanthropy we choose to relinquish portions of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that benefit U.S. Veteran Support, Wisconsin, and/or Animal Welfare. $$ Proceeds from every bottle of Zwitchel are donated accordingly.


Food inventions produced by Chowventions Inc. contain integrity & transparency as the main ingredients. Products and processes are non-destructive to animal welfare, environment, or human nutrition…we refuse to profit from loss.


A straight forward approach to supporting diverse dietary needs.  We strive to source real ingredients, as well as removing the eight most common food allergens from our products (as much as possible) so everyone has a chance to enjoy a Chowvention.

Company History

The company had its humble beginnings in the kitchen of Amber’s childhood home. It was there she created her first innovative recipes. She started researching a career path selling cookbooks, but considered manufacturing instead. As she revitalized confidence in her culinary abilities she came to realize she had more to offer the world than just recipes, and wanted to create something bigger than herself. This new found inspiration became the basis for a ‘food invention’ company that honored her values toward animal welfare, human nutrition, environmental awareness, local economy, and her military roots. Prior to this culinary epiphany, she spent nearly 10 years serving her country in uniform. She was honorably discharged after the accumulation of ‘invisible wounds’ and began her new life as a wounded warrior. She was determined to become an active member of society again, in the best way she knew how…to serve people, but now she does it with culinary arts. The company logo signifies trading in her military uniform for a culinary apron. In 2013 she laid the groundwork for the beginnings of a company, and in January of 2015, Chowventions Inc was born.