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More than a purchase… it’s a donation

Some call it corporate philanthropy, we call it a donation. If Chowventions was brick & mortar, we’d be made of windows. We believe in transparency. As an honest, giving, transparent company we choose to relinquish portions of our proceeds to benefit others. We believe a company that encourages community involvement distinguishes themselves from their competitors, even a small company like ours. That’s where YOU come in… Your purchase not only grows this Veteran-Owned Business, it also goes toward a worthy (reputable) cause. Starting May 2018 we will be donating $0.22 for every bottle of Zwitchel Beverage Enhancer sold as a symbolic remembrance to those ’22’ veterans a day who are no longer with us.

The money will be relinquished to Operation Gratitude for 1st class care packages containing provisions that our war-torn American Troops want & need to replenish their body & soul. At the same time, you will be enjoying a wholesome, refreshing, 18th century beverage enhancer once consumed by colonial Americans, Wild West Pioneers, and Freedom Fighters to re-fuel their Health, Hydration, and freedom-hungry souls.

As a token of our appreciation we ‘deploy’ an honorary Military Dog Tag with every purchase of Zwitchel Beverage Enhancer in the months of May, July, and November as a reminder to “Zwitch Your Beverage” and “Drink Proudly.” Share your Stripes, Collect them all.


 * Drink Proudly *

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