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More than a purchase… it’s a donation

Some call it corporate philanthropy, we call it a donation. If Chowventions was brick & mortar, we’d be made of windows. We believe in transparency. As an honest, giving, transparent company we choose to relinquish portions of our proceeds to benefit others. We believe a company that encourages community involvement distinguishes themselves from their competitors, even a small company like ours. That’s where YOU come in… Your purchase not only helps grow this Veteran-Owned Business, but your dollars also help support a worthy cause. From 1 October – 1 December 2018 we will donate $0.22 for every bottle of Zwitchel Beverage Enhancer sold in honor of those ’22’ veterans a day who are no longer with us. The funds will be donated to our charity partner Operation Gratitude to help cover the cost of shipping Care Packages to our nation’s heroes.

As a veteran herself, our founder knows these 1st class care packages contain provisions that our war-torn American Troops want & need to replenish their body & soul. At the same time, you will be enjoying a wholesome, refreshing, 18th century beverage enhancer similar to what was consumed by Colonial Americans, Wild West Pioneers, and Freedom Fighters that re-fueled their Health, Hydration, and freedom-hungry souls.

As a token of our appreciation we ‘deploy’ an honorary Military Dog Tag with every purchase of Zwitchel Beverage Enhancer in the months of May, July, and November as a reminder to “Zwitch Your Beverage” and “Drink Proudly.” Share your Stripes, Collect them all.


 * Drink Proudly *