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Here’s where you can find ZWITCHEL !!!

(ask establishment for details)

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Woodman's Market

Find Zwitchel in aisle ‘V’ of beverage department or mixer section in Liquor department

Consumer Beverage

You can find Zwitchel at front registers

 Available in all 4 locations!

Free Shipping Available







Ask about ‘Zwitchel infused’ Moscow Mule (or) Dark & Stormy cocktails



Ask about ‘Zwitchel infused’ cocktails!



8.5oz flask of Zwitchel

Find in ‘Water’ aisle ‘4’ or refrigerated section near Cafe


8.5oz flasks’ of Zwitchel now available


8.5oz flask of Zwitchel

Check out Greenfield’s newest liquor store and pick up Zwitchel on the way out

Got Summer? Fill up on APPLE GINGER LEMONADES at local farmers markets while they last!

South Milwaukee market: May 28 – October 18 (Thursdays 3-7 pm)

Shorewood market:  June – October (Sundays 9:30-1 pm)

NW Mutual Downtown market: June – October (every other Tuesday 11- 2 pm)

VA Zablocki Outdoor market: August – September (every other Friday 10-2 pm)



Come and get dat Zwitchel eh?

Now close enough for Michigan & Minnesota to enjoy!!!