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Chowventions has created an innovation for the appetite. Zwitchel is a Wisconsin-infused  18th century Beverage Enhancer that’s sweet & tangy with a hint of spice. This antiquated golden syrup is freckled  with ginger & nostalgia. 

It enhances your beverages with {*Health * Hydration * Flavor*} Iced or Hot Tea, Cider, Coconut or Sparkling Water, Tonic or Lemonade….. you name it, Zwitchel can enhance it.

Are you more of a cocktail connoisseur or lover of libations? Zwitchel is the perfect partner. It’s flavorful ribbons of golden maple can inner-twine beautifully with distilled spirits, allowing for liquors to go down smooth without the burn. A vibrant ‘energy‘ shot of Zwitchel will tantalize the tastebuds without masking the artfully crafted taste of that premium spirit.

What’s the story?

We consider Zwitchel ‘ history in a bottle.’ An early version of this battle-tested recipe was used by Babylonians and Julius Cesar’s army as a health tonic. From Italy – Britain – Americas…. everyone from Christopher Columbus to Maritime sailors of the Revolutionary War utilized this culinary creation. It not only hydrated the troops, but ensured their journey had a dose of health and a dash of flavor. Fast forward to the Americas and you would’ve seen farmers in hay fields drinking this concoction to ward off dehydration. Cowboys and Madams of the wild west also quenched their thirst in the heat of the day with similar beverages. In those days, the water wasn’t clean, so their choice was either vinegar-infused beverages or alcohol. During the 19th century temperance movement we saw a familiar, non-alcoholic beverage make a delicious comeback. Everyone had their own versions of this beverage additive throughout the ages. Whether it was being used in battle for health, the open plains hydrating thirsty pioneers, or flavoring the alcohol of Harvard students…. Zwitchel is a time-tested Beverage Enhancer that creates the perfect drink during war & peace.



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